9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive

The kitchen is the heart of any home, and the island often serves as its centerpiece. A stylish and well-designed kitchen island can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home. In this article, we will explore five effortless ways to make your kitchen island look more expensive, turning it into a luxurious focal point that adds value to your living space.

Table of contents

  • Introduction
    • A brief overview of the importance of a stylish kitchen island.
  • 1. Start with a Clean Slate
    • Emphasize the importance of decluttering and organizing before enhancing the island’s appearance.
  • 2. Wrap Your Island in Interesting Materials
    • Explore various materials and textures that can be used to elevate the visual appeal of the kitchen island.
  • 3. Install Statement Lighting Above and Below Your Island
    • Highlight the significance of lighting in creating a luxurious atmosphere in the kitchen.
  • 4. Edit Cabinet Fronts and Hardware Boldly
    • Discuss how updating cabinet fronts and hardware can contribute to the overall expensive look of the kitchen island.
  • 5. Create Visual Interest on the Island
    • Provide creative ideas for adding visual elements to the island, such as decorative accents or unique features.
  • 6. Choosing the Right Color Palette
    • Discuss the role of color in making the kitchen island appear more expensive.
  • 7. Incorporating Greenery
    • Explore the idea of integrating plants and greenery to bring life and freshness to the kitchen island.
  • 8. Selecting High-Quality Accessories
    • Guide on choosing accessories that add a touch of luxury and sophistication.
  • 9. Benefits of Investing in a Stylish Kitchen Island
    • Explain the long-term advantages of investing time and effort into upgrading the kitchen island.
  • Conclusion
    • Summarize key points and reiterate the importance of a stylish kitchen island.


By updating your kitchen island, you improve the center of your house. A fashionable kitchen expresses your taste and is more than just utilitarian. This post reveals 9 simple techniques to add a more expensive-looking appearance to your kitchen island. Every stage, from beginning with a blank canvas to adding statement pieces, is a brushstroke that turns your kitchen into an elegant work of art. Let’s explore the idea of simple luxury and make your kitchen island a captivating focal point that also offers significant value.

1. Start with a Clean Slate

Starting from scratch is the first step towards making your kitchen island appear more pricey. Think of the island in your kitchen as a blank canvas waiting to be painted into a work of art. This step involves more than just keeping everything tidy; it also involves laying a simple foundation that will support all the improvements that come next.

Declutter and Organize

First things first: clearing the clutter. Take anything out of your kitchen island that isn’t necessary. Only store necessities, such as cooking equipment or often-needed products. Appliances that you don’t use every day should be stored. A spotless surface immediately conveys the idea of a well-kept and ordered area.

Arrange the remaining things in a visually attractive way. To keep things organized, think about utilizing chic baskets or containers. This not only improves the aesthetic appeal over time but also facilitates long-term cleaning.

Clean Surfaces and Appliances

After that, clean your kitchen island thoroughly. All surfaces, including cabinet fronts, counters, and appliances, should be cleaned. For a spotlessly clean finish, use the proper cleaning solutions for the various materials. A spotless island not only looks more expensive, but it also fosters a welcoming and hygienic kitchen atmosphere.

Consider a New Layout

While you’re beginning from scratch, think about whether your kitchen island’s current arrangement is the best one. Could the functionality and flow be enhanced by a different arrangement? Occasionally, a minor reorganization might yield a noticeable transformation in the overall appearance and functionality of the area.

Neutralize the Color Palette

Think about calming down the color scheme if the colors on your kitchen island are gaudy or out of style. Choose classic and elegant colors like light gray, beige, or white. The island appears more expensive and versatile to many design styles due to the openness and elegance created by neutral color schemes.

Introduce Minimalist Decor

To improve the island’s aesthetic appeal, add minimalist decor pieces as you tidy and organize. A tiny vase filled with fresh flowers or a pretty bowl are two examples of tasteful yet understated décor that can add sophistication without overpowering the area.

Create a Blank Canvas

The ultimate objective of beginning from scratch is to produce a blank canvas that lets the impending improvements shine. A clean, tidy, and monochromatic kitchen island serves as the ideal starting point for the other procedures. It establishes the mood for a makeover that will transform your kitchen into an opulent and fashionable retreat.

You may create an effective and eye-catching update by setting aside time to tidy, organize, and update the aesthetics of your kitchen island. This first stage serves as the cornerstone for creating a kitchen island that enhances the appearance of your house and makes a statement.

Start-with-a-Clean-Slate-1 9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive

2. Wrap Your Island in Interesting Materials

After you’ve cleared the space, let’s explore the materials’ transforming potential. Your kitchen island’s surfaces have a significant influence on how it looks. Your island will seem instantly more opulent and sophisticated if you cover it in intriguing materials.

Explore Luxurious Countertop Options

Replace the outdated countertop on your kitchen island with a more opulent one. Stone, granite, or quartz are classic options that have an upscale appearance, are long-lasting, and require little upkeep. The smooth, lustrous surfaces of these materials create an immediate visual impact, elevating the overall aesthetic of your island.

Consider Unique Siding Materials

Take the opulent materials outside of the countertop. Think of using interesting materials like mirrored panels, textured tiles, or salvaged wood to wrap around the sides of your kitchen island. A basic island becomes an eye-catching focal point with the addition of depth and interest.

Mix and Match Materials for Contrast

For a more dynamic style, don’t be hesitant to mix and match materials. Contrasting colors and textures can be combined to create a custom, upscale look. For instance, combining warm, wooden sides with a sleek marble tabletop offers sophistication without sacrificing comfort.

Invest in High-Quality Backsplashes

Extend your material choices to the backsplash. A stylish and high-quality backsplash can tie together the overall design. Consider materials like glass, mosaic tiles, or even a continuation of the countertop material for a seamless and luxurious appearance.

Opt for Matte Finishes

Because of their sleek and opulent appearance, matte finishes are becoming more and more popular in kitchen design. Whether it’s for the siding, cabinet fronts, or countertops, pick matte finishes for your materials. Matte surfaces provide a hint of subtle glamor by reflecting light gently and looking pricey.

Prioritize Durability and Maintenance

Don’t sacrifice usefulness in favor of looks. Select materials that are easy to maintain and give longevity in addition to a luxury appearance. A stunning kitchen island should not only improve your house’s aesthetic appeal over time but also endure.

Wrap-Your-kitchen-Island-in-Interesting-Materials 9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive

3. Install Statement Lighting Above and Below Your Island

As we continue our quest to elevate the appearance of your kitchen island, lighting takes center stage. Installing statement lighting above and below your island not only enhances visibility but also introduces a touch of glamour that can truly make your kitchen island look more expensive.

Pendant Lights for Elegance

above your kitchen island, pendant lights are a chic and useful option. These pendant lights highlight the island below by hanging from the ceiling. Select patterns that complement your entire style, whether it’s elegant and classic, slick and contemporary, or somewhere in between. In addition to providing illumination, pendant lights are visually striking design components.

Suspend Lights at the Right Height

The secret to optimizing the effect of pendant lights is proper placement. To provide the best possible lighting and aesthetic appeal, hang them at the proper height. As a general guideline, hang the lights between thirty and thirty-six inches above the surface. This height provides plenty of light while maintaining a unified style, striking a balance between practicality and beauty.

Under-Cabinet Lighting for a Subtle Glow

Consider adding under-cabinet lights to add even more refinement. This creates a soft glow and lights up the floor space surrounding the island, making it seem cozy and welcoming. Puck lights and LED strips are great options for under-cabinet lighting since they are flexible in terms of brightness and color temperature and consume less energy.

Play with Unique Fixture Designs

Look into unusual fixture designs for a lighting arrangement that makes a real impression. Select lighting fixtures that blend in with your kitchen’s general design. Making a dramatic design statement is the aim, whether it be through a group of smaller pendants, a sequence of tumbling chandeliers, or an avant-garde sculptural fixture. The lighting fixtures themselves become essential components of the overall design of your kitchen.

Mix Different Light Sources

Create depth and ambiance by incorporating multiple light sources. Blend the practicality of overhead pendant lights with the atmospheric effect of under-cabinet lighting. This layered approach not only adds visual interest but also allows you to tailor the lighting to different occasions – bright and functional for cooking, and softer for intimate gatherings.

Consider Smart Lighting Solutions

Adopt intelligent lighting solutions to welcome the future. With smart light fixtures or bulbs that have programmable brightness and color temperatures, you may alter the atmosphere to suit your mood or the time of day. This contemporary addition not only creates a feeling of high-tech but also heightens the opulent atmosphere.

Install-Statement-Lighting-Above-and-Below-Your-kitchen-Island 9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive

4. Edit Cabinet Fronts and Hardware Boldly

The following step entails making dramatic changes to cabinet fronts and hardware in an attempt to make your kitchen island appear more pricey. These components are essential to the overall look, and you can accomplish a noticeable improvement without doing a total redesign by strategically changing them.

Choosing Bold Cabinet Fronts

Cabinet fronts are the first thing to think about. Choose striking designs that stand out. Shaker-style cabinets are a classic choice because of their simple yet elegant design and clean lines. As an alternative, look into modern looks with textured finishes or geometric designs. Selecting cabinet fronts that complement your design while still offering a hint of refinement is the aim.

Experimenting with Colors and Finishes

Don’t be afraid to try different finishes and colors. Though neutral colors like white, gray, or navy blue give off an air of sophistication and wealth, go for more daring yet opulent looks by opting for bolder hues like rich burgundy or deep emerald green. High-gloss lacquer or matte finishes can also provide a contemporary touch and produce an eye-catching contrast.

Upgrading Hardware for Elegance

The kitchen island’s jewels are its hardware. The appearance of the island can be immediately improved by replacing the basic pulls and knobs with more sophisticated ones. For a classic look, go for materials like brass or brushed nickel. Hardware with intricate patterns or unusual shapes can act as focus points and provide a luxurious touch without going over budget.

Uniformity or Eclecticism?

Choose whether you want your cabinet fronts and hardware to be eclectic or homogeneous by taking the overall design of your kitchen into consideration. While combining several styles can lend a touch of individuality and personality, maintaining a unified look makes an appearance that is streamlined and coherent. Whichever option you select, make sure the components go in with the overall style of the kitchen.

Handleless Cabinets for a Sleek Look

Take into consideration handleless cabinets for a contemporary and minimalist look. This elegant style adds to a tidy and uncluttered appeal in addition to seeming pricey. Touch-open systems and recessed handles give a luxurious touch and produce a smooth, elegant appearance.

Customizing Cabinet Details

Take your bold edits a step further by customizing cabinet details. Adding trim, molding, or even glass inserts to select cabinets can enhance the island’s overall elegance. These custom touches create a sense of craftsmanship and attention to detail, making your kitchen island truly stand out.

Edit-kitchen-Cabinet-Fronts-and-Hardware-Boldly 9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive

5. Create Visual Interest on the Island

Adding visual interest to your kitchen island is a crucial step in turning it from ordinary to spectacular as you set out to make it appear more expensive. Let’s talk about imaginative ways to accentuate your island’s distinctive features so it becomes a visually appealing centerpiece in your kitchen.

Decorative Corbels and Brackets

Adding ornate corbels or brackets to your kitchen island is a simple yet efficient technique to improve its aesthetic appeal. These decorative supports offer a touch of architectural flair in addition to their practical use. Pick patterns that go well with your entire aesthetic, be it eclectic, modern, or traditional.

Unique Countertop Edges

Consider using distinct countertop profiles instead of sticking with the conventional straight edges. Your kitchen island might benefit from a modest yet eye-catching touch from beveled, bullnose, or ogee edges. The aesthetic appeal of the island is enhanced by this minor element, which adds to the overall impression of skill and sophistication.

Display Nooks or Shelving

Include open shelving or showcase nooks in the layout of the island. These areas offer a chance to display ornamental objects like chic cookbooks, vibrant dinnerware, or even carefully chosen artwork. This gives the kitchen visual appeal and lets you bring your unique style to it.

Textured Backsplash or Paneling

Think of using paneling or a distinctive backsplash to give your kitchen island’s back some texture. This could entail beadboard, repurposed wood, or even textured tiles. The island becomes a dynamic and striking feature in your kitchen thanks to the texture’s ability to add depth and visual interest.

Intricate Moldings and Trim

To give your kitchen island a touch of class, add elaborate moldings and trim. The island’s aesthetic can be improved with raised-panel cabinet fronts, bead detailing, or crown molding. These little things give the piece a sense of refinement and richness that makes it appear pricey.

Statement Hardware and Fixtures

Select fixtures and fittings that make a statement and act as striking accents. This may be choosing unusual faucet designs, drawer knobs, or even adding a sink that stands out. The appropriate hardware enhances the island’s overall look while also adding a fashionable touch.

Customized Cabinet Door Designs

Consider customized cabinet door designs to make your kitchen island truly one-of-a-kind. This could involve incorporating glass inserts, laser-cut patterns, or even personalized engraving. Customized doors add a level of exclusivity and visual interest, making the island a focal point of your kitchen.

Integrated Wine Rack or Display

Include a display or wine rack on your kitchen island to add a bit of class and utility. This feature offers a useful solution for storing wine in addition to adding an opulent touch. Select a pattern that harmonizes perfectly with the island’s general style.

Unique Leg or Base Design

Explore unique leg or base designs for your kitchen island. Instead of traditional straight legs, consider tapered legs, curved supports, or even a furniture-style base. The base design contributes to the island’s overall character, making it a visually captivating element in your kitchen.

Contrasting Color Accents

Strategically add touches of opposing colors. This can entail adding vibrant decorative accents or painting the island’s base a contrasting color. The contrast makes the island in the kitchen stand out by bringing in color and visual intrigue.

Create-Visual-Interest-on-the-kitchen-Island 9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive

6. Choosing the Right Color Palette

The next important step in making your kitchen island look more expensive is choosing the appropriate color scheme. We’re getting close. Your choice of colors will define the overall look and feel of the room, adding to the island’s perceived value and refinement.

Opting for Timeless Neutrals

If you’re going for an upscale style, timeless neutrals are a smart and secure option. A canvas painted in shades of white, beige, and gray is refined and uncluttered, making other design elements pop. Another benefit of neutral tones is their adaptability; they go well with a wide range of accent colors and styles.

Embracing Classic Elegance with Navy Blue

Add a hint of traditional grandeur to your color scheme by using navy blue. Navy blue is a sophisticated shade that is deep and rich. Whether it is applied as an accent color, on the cabinet fronts, or as the foundation of the island, navy blue gives the kitchen a more upscale appearance.

Exploring Dark and Dramatic Tones

Consider using dramatic, dark hues like deep black or charcoal gray for a more audacious and opulent appearance. These hues make a striking statement by evoking a sense of mystery and luxury. Dark tones can make your kitchen island a dramatic focal point when paired with contrasting features like light-colored surfaces or metallic finishes.

Introducing Earthy and Natural Tones

Choosing earthy and natural colors is another approach to creating the illusion of luxury design by bringing nature inside. Warm browns, gentle terracottas, and muted greens are examples of colors that can create a feeling of coziness and connectedness to the environment. Think about incorporating these tones into the island’s color scheme, accessories, or décor pieces.

Playing with Contrasting Colors

Your kitchen island will look more vibrant and interesting if you experiment with different color combinations. This could mean choosing a countertop that is neutral but the island base that is bold, or vice versa. The island is highlighted and made to stand out by the contrast that forms a dramatic focal point.

Maintaining Consistency with Overall Design

It’s important to keep your kitchen’s overall design cohesive while you experiment with different color options. Make sure the color scheme you’ve selected complements the hues of the surrounding furnishings, such as the wall colors, flooring, and cabinetry. A professional and well-considered design benefits from a unified color scheme.

Testing Samples in Natural Lighting

Test samples in natural lighting before deciding on a particular color scheme. Color appearance can be greatly influenced by natural light, thus testing sample colors helps to guarantee that the selected shades seem as intended in your kitchen setting. Think about the way the colors change in response to various lighting situations during the day.

Choosing-the-Right-Color-Palette-for-kitchen-Island 9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive

7. Incorporating Greenery: Bringing Life to Your Kitchen Island

When it comes time to put the finishing touches on a sophisticated kitchen island, adding some greenery is a welcome change of pace and looks good. Including plants in your kitchen not only provides a natural element but also gives it vitality and vigor. Let’s look at some original ways to incorporate flora into your kitchen island decor.

Herb Garden in Built-In Planters

Increases the kitchen island’s usefulness and visual appeal by adding a built-in herb garden. Set aside a space with built-in planters so you may grow fresh herbs such as rosemary, mint, and basil. This gives an instant splash of greens and easy access to fresh herbs for cooking.

Cascading Indoor Vines

Incorporate indoor vines that gracefully cascade over the sides of your kitchen island to create a cascading appearance. Select low-maintenance plant species like philodendrons or pothos to bring some greenery into the room without going overboard. The flowing vines provide an indoor natural feel and a sense of organic movement.

Succulent Arrangements in Stylish Pots

Choose chic planters or pots to display a succulent arrangement on your kitchen island. Succulents give a modern and low-maintenance splash of greenery and are available in a variety of forms and sizes. For extra visual interest, think about arranging various succulent kinds in a visually appealing cluster.

Compact Potted Herbs on Display Shelves

Use the display shelves built into your kitchen island to display small potted herbs. Small pots filled with parsley, thyme, or basil can make beautiful decorative accents. This improves the whole sensory experience in your kitchen by adding greenery and pleasant scents.

Hanging Planters above the Island

Introduce hanging planters above your kitchen island that are strung from the ceiling. This sophisticated method provides a dynamic visual element and saves counter space. Select trailing plants for a delicate and whimsical look, such as pothos or spider plants.

Miniature Indoor Trees as Focal Points

For your kitchen island, think about adding small indoor trees as focus pieces. Plants such as Olive Trees and Fiddle Leaf Figs provide the area height and sophistication. To include these leafy friends in the overall design, plant them in chic containers.

Window Herb Garden on Windowsill

Make the most of the natural light by growing a window herb garden on the windowsill if your kitchen island is situated next to a window. Put fragrant herbs in little pots and let them catch the sunlight, such as cilantro or lavender. This produces a lovely and useful feature in addition to adding foliage.

Floral Centerpiece with Fresh Flowers

A floral centerpiece will give your kitchen island a hint of seasonal freshness. Arrange fresh flowers to create a colorful and dynamic display in a chic vase or container. This brings a splash of color and the beauty of nature into your kitchen.

Air-Purifying Plants for Improved Indoor Air Quality

Choose air-purifying plants to improve indoor air quality and make your kitchen island seem beautiful, like peace lilies, spider plants, or snake plants. In addition to adding foliage, these plants make the kitchen atmosphere healthier and more pleasurable.

Floating Plant Shelves along the Island

Think about adding floating plant shelves to the sides of your kitchen island for a contemporary, minimalist look. As a result, vegetation is seamlessly incorporated into the island’s design, offering a natural element without taking up important counter space.

Incorporating-Greenery-Bringing-Life-to-Your-Kitchen-Island 9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive

8. Selecting High-Quality Accessories

The final steps to giving the appearance of an upscale kitchen island are drawing near, and choosing high-quality accessories is crucial. These finishing touches enhance the visual appeal of your cooking area overall while also lending a hint of luxury. Let’s explore the world of accessories that have the power to completely transform your kitchen island.

Premium Barstools

Upgrade your sitting with high-quality barstools that radiate flair in addition to comfort. For a classy touch, think of materials like leather, velvet, or premium upholstery. Choose styles that go well with the general design of your kitchen, whether it is eclectic, traditional, or modern.

Elegant Pendant Lighting

Although we have already discussed statement lighting, using sophisticated pendant lights as accessories brings even more sophistication. Select fixtures made of high-quality materials, elaborate detailing, or unusual shapes. In addition to providing illumination for your island, the appropriate pendant lights also act as design components that unify the entire kitchen.

Stylish Cookware and Utensils

Replace your old cookware and utensils with chic, high-quality alternatives. Think about components made of cast iron, copper, or stainless steel that look good in addition to performing well. Putting these high-quality tools on display in sections that are dedicated for them or on open shelves gives your kitchen island a touch of gourmet elegance.

Artful Cutting Boards and Serving Trays

Use serving trays and cutting boards that are works of art as both practical and beautiful accents. Select high-quality materials for your items, such as marble, acacia wood, or even custom-engraved alternatives. These add-ons give the island a layer of unique flair in addition to improving its usefulness.

Luxurious Dishware and Glassware

Make a sophisticated dinner experience with your choice of fine china and glasses. Select fine materials, elaborate patterns, or even handcrafted items. Using elegant tableware gives your kitchen island an air of richness, elevating regular meals to special occasions and adding to its overall opulent appearance.

Designer Kitchen Linens

With designing kitchen linens pay close attention to the little things. Select high-quality linens, placemats, and even stylish napkin rings. Your island will be more visually appealing and unified if the colors and patterns match the overall theme of your kitchen.

Fresh Flowers or Potted Plants

Add some potted plants or fresh flowers to your kitchen island to give it some life and freshness. This organic element not only provides a pop of color but also makes the space feel active and welcoming. Select chic planters or exquisite vases to improve the entire design.

Premium Spice Racks or Containers

Use high-quality racks or containers to improve the way you store spices. Choose fashionable choices composed of glass or stainless steel. The thoughtful choice of accessories for storing spices not only improves practicality but also gives your kitchen island a more refined, well-organized look.

Artisanal Salt and Pepper Mills

Think of handmade pepper and salt mills as ornamental pieces as well as useful equipment. Select distinctive styles or high-quality materials, such as wood or marble. Putting these decorations on display on your kitchen island enhances the overall aesthetic appeal while also adding a gourmet touch.

Personalized Recipe Stand or Cookbook Holder

A customized cookbook holder or recipe stand would be a great gift for anyone who enjoys cooking. Pick styles that complement the look of your kitchen, whether it’s a simple metal stand or a rustic wooden holder. This piece of equipment gives your kitchen a unique flair in addition to being functional.

9. Benefits of Investing in a Stylish Kitchen Island

Upgrading your kitchen island is more than simply a decorative touch; it’s a calculated move that will pay off in the long run by turning your cooking area into a fashionable and useful center. Let’s examine the many advantages of making a chic kitchen island purchase.

Increased Property Value

The possible rise in home value is one of the biggest benefits of remodeling your kitchen island. Prospective purchasers find appealing kitchens with a central island that are well-designed and stylish. A contemporary, useful kitchen becomes a selling factor, increasing the value of your property and increasing its appeal to buyers.

Enhanced Functionality and Storage

A chic kitchen island is a useful addition to your cooking area in addition to being a fashionable redesign. You may improve your kitchen island’s functionality by making thoughtful design investments. Think about features like integrated storage options, more countertop areas, or appliance-specific sections. The additions make the kitchen process more efficient and well-organized.

Versatile Work and Entertainment Space

Your kitchen island can become a multipurpose area for work and enjoyment by upgrading it. It becomes the hub for a variety of activities, including cooking, eating out, and even socializing. A well-thought-out island offers enough workspace for various activities, making it a multipurpose place that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Improved Kitchen Organization

Purchasing a chic kitchen island frequently entails adding clever storage options. This can include space-saving features like pull-out drawers, built-in shelves, or specially designed-cabinets. A more visually appealing kitchen also makes it easier to locate and retrieve cookware, supplies, and utensils, which all add to a more efficient cooking experience.

Timeless Design and Longevity

A well-thought-out renovation for your kitchen island guarantees a classic style that resists shifting fashions. A timeless look that withstands the test of time can be achieved by making an investment in premium materials and a design that is timeless. This durability guarantees that your kitchen will stay fashionable and current for many years to come, adding value to your investment.

Benefits-of-Investing-in-a-Stylish-Kitchen-Island 9 Best Ways to Make a Kitchen Island Look More Expensive


In conclusion, deciding to devote time and energy to renovating your kitchen island is a wise choice that will pay off in the long run in many ways. In addition to providing an instant visual boost, a chic kitchen island also adds to the value of your home, improves functionality, and allows you to express your individual style in a personalized way.

The island becomes an adaptable center that encourages productivity, interpersonal communication, and a clean, contemporary style. Your new kitchen island becomes a focal point that not only increases the value of your home but also improves the quality of your everyday life with its timeless design components and well-thought-out storage possibilities. It’s more than simply a place to cook; it’s a declaration of your style, effectiveness, and dedication to building a lasting home.

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